rionne_kaine (rionne_kaine) wrote in namelessmonster,

Questions & Explanations please?

First of all, I'm sorry for being stupid but can someone tell me Johan's past in the right order because after I watch the anime and read the manga. I tried to look in the web and just know that Kinderheim 511 is not the same as Red Rose Mansion. Is that the same-continuing project or not? The moment when Johan welcomed Nina where is the mother? There's no way such a small kid could live on his own. Can someone explain to me the ending? The purpose of killing the old people? (Didn't Johan just know his purpose of life after listening to the cassette?) Anyway, sorry for asking something stupid.
 I think that I don't even understand the story, it's so confusing, everything is so messed (&mashed) up in my head...
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