Arbitrary (arararararar) wrote in namelessmonster,

New Fic

Of Recoil and Grace

Rated M for het sexual content.

I usually don't ask for feedback, because if people want to give it, they'll give it, and if they don't... well, I can live with that, but I would like to ask you to please please please review this one. The fic may be a little essayish at times and not the lightest read to sift through, but I've put in a lot of my thoughts about the kinship, if one may call it that, between Johann and Tenma. The story is mostly about how Johann's presence – and eventually, the lack thereof, has affected Tenma's life, views, and very basic tenets of life, and I'm interested in knowing if others think I've captured this well, or if I'm completely off the mark.
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