Christy (rinhail) wrote in namelessmonster,

help in finding a fanfic

I'm not sure how active this community is, so hopefully soon somebody will see this post and maybe be able to help me. I'm looking for this fanfic that I read awhile back. The only things I can remember are:

  • the pairing is Johan/Tenma

  • it is a oneshot

  • contians sex and for a brief moment non-consenual sex

  • and Tenma is tied to a chair by Johan and after some dialogue Johan climbs onto Tenma's lap and starts doing the do

  • also, I believe during that, Tenma's wrist are bleeding or are very raw. I just know that the author mentions his wrist and it's something that stands out in my memory.

  • and I believe it was hosted on livejournal, but I can't be positive of that.

I could have sworn I had it in my memories here at livejournal, but it isn't there. I've checked FFN, adultfanfic and archiveofourown and still nothing. I hope the author didn't take it down, because I really want to read it once more.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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