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Naoki Urasawa's Monster
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This is a community dedicated to the manga and anime Monster by Urasawa Naoki. Monster is the story of a German neurosurgeon who saves the life of a small boy involved in a murder mystery to prove that all lives are worth saving, only to discover that he may have saved the life of something horrible...

...and now the Monster is coming.

All discussion of the manga and anime (and associated novel) is welcome, with the following rules:

1) Spoilers MUST be marked and lj-cut. If you don't know how to lj-cut, find out before you post. That involves spoilers for the manga past the current aired plot of the anime - not everyone has read the manga or wants to be spoiled. And use common sense about anime spoilers, please; if you're unsure, ask!

2) The second rule is...MARK SPOILERS!

3) Please lj-cut fanfics, fanart, photos, etc. Not all of us have broadband.

4) On scanslations and digisubs: although I'm grateful to both the text and anime translators for making the series available to everyone when it was unavailable commercially, don't pimp digisubs or scanslations. In addition, if anyone here encourages piracy over buying the source material - "Why get the manga? There are scanslations! :D" or "Don't waste money on the soundtrack, I can get you mp3s!" - I've got a baseball bat with your name on it.

You can buy the Monster manga commercially from Viz; it's even available on Amazon.com if you can't find a store near you that carries it. The anime airs on the SyFy Channel (U.S.) on Monday nights, 11pm /10pm Central. DVDs are available through VIZ.

5) Discussions of Urasawa's other works are also allowed, just MARK and LJ-CUT.

6) Please do not advertise your RPs/fandomwikis/whatevers here. Additionally, no "fantasy casting" or "doesn't (actor) look just like (character)?" posts. What's the deal with those, anyways?

7) Other than that, enjoy! :D

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